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Factory trained and registered as a Mercedes Benz Auto facility. We service and repair your Mercedes that meets and exceeds the factory recommendations.

These vehicles are works of art. Yes they are difficult to work on, and costly to repair, but with the proper day one maintenance, it will save you thousands in the long run.

— Drew, Mercedes Benz Specialist

What is a Mercedes A Service?

A Mercedes A service involves an oil change, DEF top up and a basic vehicle inspection. We are located in Canada where our weather is considered “severe” so we recommend doing an A service every 10,000 KM. Mercedes A services should be done twice, then a B service is needed. It would follow the pattern of “A A B, A A B”.  

What is a Mercedes B Service?

A Mercedes B services involves an oil change, replacing the air and cabin filters, replacing the wiper blades, servicing the DEF and a very thorough inspection. We do diagnostics reporting, service the engine compartment,  interior, wheels, brakes, underbody and perform function checks.

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