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BMW has stayed true to their Motorsports and heritage. When you buy a BMW you buy innovation.

— Kris, BMW/Mini Specialist

What is a BMW Minor Service?

A BMW minor service is an oil change, multi-point inspection and a service reminder reset. Minor service should be done every 10,000 KM, a major should be every 30,000 KM. The pattern should be minor, minor, major. Please note that we created these services since the factory does not have a specific schedule.

What is a BMW Major Service?

We created a BMW major service. It includes an oil change, replacing the air and cabin filters, and wiper blades. We also include a thorough check of the vehicle! There are additional items that your vehicle may need, but we only do this after your authorization.

BMW Services


Minor Service

  • Engine Compartment

    -Perform oil and filter replacement
    -Inspect fluids and top up if necessary (exc brake fluid)
    -Fill DEF fluid completely (Diesel Only)
    -Test battery (Diesel Only)

  • Interior

    -Reset service reminder indicator

  • Function Check

    -Inspect lights, horn, and fluid leaks
    -Inspect wiper blade condition

  • Brakes & Wheels

    -Inspect for damages or leaks
    -Inspect thickness of pads

additional Maintenance Items

  • AWD Clutch Flush

    Every 3 years regardless of mileage

  • Front Differential Flush

    Every 190,000 KM or 10 years, whichever occurs first

  • Ribbed V-belt starter/generator drive (including tensioner)

    Every 100,000 KM

  • Rear Differential Flush

    Every 100,000 KM

  • Spark Plugs

    Every 100,000 KM

  • Transmission Flush

    Every 100,000 KM

  • Vehicle Programming & Updates

    Vehicles nowadays are computers on wheels! Cars need to be updated just like you have to update your cell phone. The engineers at BMW will release firmware updates to known problems. These updates are for better performance, preventative, and can fix major problems. We had a customer come in with a mechanical transmission issue, and when we performed the update it fixed the problem. We strongly recommend doing vehicle updates once a year.

standard service

  • Engine Compartment

    -Replace engine oil and filter
    -Replace wiper blades
    -Replace engine air filter
    -Replace fuel filter (Diesel Only)
    -Evacuate DEF and fill up (Diesel Only)
    -Clean water drain in air/water duct
    -Inspect catch, safety, and hinges on engine hood
    -Inspect brake system
    -Inspect power steering system
    -Inspect windshield washer system
    -Inspect cooling system

  • Interior

    -Replace dust pollen and cabin filters
    -Reset maintenance service indicator

  • Function Check

    -Inspect parking brake
    -Inspect horn and lamps
    -Inspect wipers, washer system, and cleaning systems

  • Brakes & Wheels

    -Set tire pressure to spec
    -Inspect tires for damage and wear
    -Inspect brake system components

  • Underbody

    -Inspect chafe marks, line routings, for damages/leaks
    -Inspect front ball joints and rubber boots

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