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BMW Mechanic Repair – Pickering Auto Lab – Mechanic Shop
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Factory trained and registered as a BMW auto facility. We service and repair your BMW that meets and exceeds the factory recommendations.

BMW has stayed true to their Motorsports and heritage. When you buy a BMW you buy innovation.

— Kris, BMW/Mini Specialist

What is a BMW Minor Service?

A BMW minor service is an oil change, multi-point inspection and a service reminder reset. Minor service should be done every 10,000 KM, a major should be every 30,000 KM. The pattern should be minor, minor, major. Please note that we created these services since the factory does not have a specific schedule.

What is a BMW Major Service?

We created a BMW major service. It includes an oil change, replacing the air and cabin filters, and wiper blades. We also include a thorough check of the vehicle! There are additional items that your vehicle may need, but we only do this after your authorization.

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