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Audi is the Apple of cars. Those smooth curves and lines in the body, they are just aesthetically the best looking. Like every car, they have their problems, but I find the solutions.

— Nick, Audi/VW/Porsche Specialist

What is an Audi Minor Service?

An Audi minor service is an oil change, multi-point inspection and a service reminder reset. Minor service should be done every 10,000 KM, a major should be every 30,000 KM. The pattern should be minor, minor, major.

What is an Audi Major Service?

An Audi major service involves much more. It is one of the most thorough inspections involved and items are only replaced based on the technician’s report. The major service does include an oil change.

Audi Services


Minor Service

  • Engine Compartment

    ‰ Engine oil and oil filter - Change oil and replace filter

  • Interior

    ‰ Service reminder indicator display - Reset display

  • Function Check

    ‰ Tire repair kit - Check and record the completeness and expiration date (if equipped)

  • Brakes & Wheels

    ‰ Brake system - Check the thickness of the brake pads

additional Maintenance Items

  • Air Filter

    Every 20,000

  • AWD Clutch Flush

    Every 3 years regardless of mileage

  • Brake Fluid Flush

    Every 2 years regardless of mileage

  • Dust and Pollen Filter

    Every 20,000 KM or 2 years, whichever occurs first

  • Front Differential Flush

    Every 190,000 KM or 10 years, whichever occurs first

  • Ribbed V-belt starter/generator drive (including tensioner)

    Every 100,000 KM

  • Rear Differential Flush

    Every 100,000 KM

  • Spark Plugs

    Every 100,000 KM

  • S-Tronic Transmission Flush

    Every 65,000 KM

  • Vehicle Programming & Updates

    Vehicles nowadays are computers on wheels! Cars need to be updated just like you have to update your cell phone. The engineers at Audi will release firmware updates to known problems. These updates are for better performance, preventative, and can fix major problems. We had a customer come in with a mechanical transmission issue, and when we performed the update it fixed the problem. We strongly recommend doing vehicle updates once a year.

standard service

  • Engine Compartment

    ‰ Engine cooling system - Check freeze protection and coolant level
    ‰ Engine oil and oil filter - Change oil and replace filter
    ‰ Engine, transmission, final drive, steering - Visual inspection for leaks and damage (with front noise insulation removed)
    ‰ Oil Fill Area - Check water drain according to ElsaPro (R8 Coupe, R8 Spyder only)
    ‰ Plenum chamber and water drain valves: Check for dirt. (A8 L all models, Q7 all models, and Q8 all models only) NOTE: Time spent cleaning of item is a separate charge for service time
    ‰ Service reminder indicator display - Reset display

  • Interior

    ‰ First aid kit (if equipped) - Check and enter expiration date YYYY / MM
    ‰ Headlights - Check adjustment
    ‰ Horn - Check function
    ‰ Instrument cluster - Check warning and indicator lights
    ‰ Interior lights - Check all interior lights, trunk lights, and glove box compartment illumination
    ‰ Safety belts - Check function and condition of belt, belt tongue, and latch

  • Function Check

    ‰ Exterior lighting function - Check front and rear lights, high beams, low beam
    ‰ Hood safety catch – Lubricate (A3 40 TFSI, A3 45 TFSI, S3, RS 3, R8 Coupe, and R8 Spyder only)
    ‰ Spare tire (if equipped) - Check condition and tire inflation pressure, adjust if necessary
    ‰ Sunroof and panoramic sunroof systems - Check function (if equipped)
    ‰ Windshield washer and headlight washing system - Add fluid if necessary. Check adjustment and function
    ‰ Wiper blades - Check condition and replace if necessary

  • Brakes & Wheels

    ‰ Brake system - Check for damage and leaks, condition of brake hoses and the presence of the bleeder caps; Check the thickness of the brake pads
    ‰ Tires - Check condition and tire tread wear. Check and record the tread depth
    ‰ Tires - Check tire inflation pressure and adjust if necessary
    ‰ Tire repair kit (if equipped) - Check and record the completeness and expiration date
    ‰ Underbody - Check for damage and leaks, check the wheel well liners, underbody paneling and all lines are properly mounted

  • Underbody

    ‰ Suspension and axle components (front and rear) - Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends, check for excessive play

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