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Meet The Crew

Modern Automotive Service


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Who We Are

Pickering Auto Lab was formed by the growing demands of customers wanting their cars repaired and maintained like the dealership without the high prices and poor service. We service the greater Toronto area, mainly specialize in European models, but we work on all makes.
We are a young, energetic staff, and very humbled by our beginnings.
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Our Team

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The Facility

  • 2 Facilities, 8500 Sq Ft
  • 10 Hoist Bays
  • 1 Alignment Bay
  • 1 Office
  • 1 Showroom
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Clean!
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Our History


COVID! The pandemic that shocked the world and affected every business. We shortened our work days, and cut out Saturdays. We also made some changes in store. Our loyal customers and community the supported us throughout this tough time, even as an essential business we continued to provide that same top notch service. Our team was strong enough to stick together and service the community!


This was our year of stability. We hammered out better company policies, financial goals, and established a better presence online as the authority in European automotive repair in the GTA! We added 2 more hoists to our next door unit. The showroom had a light renovation to freshen up the place.


2018 completed our “growth” phase in the cycle. Although we keep getting better and better, 2018 we pushed and broke through limits we didn’t know were possible. We purchased the factory diagnostics tools that were needed to fulfil our destiny as a true dealership alternative! We were so busy we extended our hours and opened on Saturdays.


We made the decision to be European specialists based on our customers and their demands. We noticed clients feared going to the dealership for multiple reasons. We listened and pivoted to specializing in Euro, but we still work on all makes and models. We focused less on being a value based business, and more so on quality. We moved our alignment machine to our side shop and added another hoist.


Another pivotal year! The unit beside us was up for lease so we made the decision to take it because once again, we were starting to outgrow. That unit came with a Hertz rental, so now we can offer in-house rental vehicle! We made an openeing to the other side so we can easily go through. This was the year we started seeing a lot of European models. Instead of walking those clients we invested in tools and equipment to handle the job!


The decision was made to leave our performance roots and listen to the demands of our clients and service/repair all makes and models. We dropped Hi Speed Performance, and became Pickering Auto Lab. We noticed the unit in our plaza was up for lease, which was at least twice the size of our current space, and the decision was made to take it! We knew we had to do a full rebrand and that’s when Pickering Auto Lab Inc was formed.


This year we did the most “normal” repair work for different makes and models. We noticed a lot of new customers walking in asking to get work done from all ages instead of our typical demographic. The aftermarket parts demand greatly decreased due to the rise of online e-commerce stores with better prices. Regardless we had to keep the bills paid so we took on all work!


The year with the most custom work we’ve done! We expanded the team and were able to get some part-time workers to help out. Nick came on board as General Manager and helped with business development and marketing.